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(Your Name/Business) has been in business since 2002 in Reno, Nev. doing permanent makeup and tattoo artistry for the stars -- with such clients as Sandra Bullock, Christina Applegate, and Oprah Winfrey.

Certifications include:

-- Master Certified
The Masters Certification Program proves that I can demonstrate experience as a permanent cosmetics technician. This hands-on certification and industry-recognized credential, certifies that I am an aesthetic and technical leader in the field of permanent cosmetics.

-- Instructor Certified
Only available to AIIC Certified Masters (or equivalent), this training in the excellence of permanent cosmetics allows me to educate and motivate others in the permanent cosmetics industry.

-- Paramedical Professional Certified
The AIIC Paramedical Professional Program is a series of four powerful specialty workshops designed for permanent cosmetics professionals who wish to enhance their skills and education in paramedical applications. I am certified to perform paramedical applications such as: Beautiful Breasts, Alopecia Art and Hairline Applications, Skin and Scar Solutions, and Vitiligo Variables.


Your Name/Company Name
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